Career Focus

Titlesort descending Educational Requirements Salary
Graduate Teaching Assistant Bachelor's $34,237.00
Graphic Designer Bachelor's $44,442.00
Hazardous Materials Removal Worker Long-term on-the-job training $33,882.00
Health & Safety Engineer except Mining Safety Engineer Bachelor's $91,464.00
Health Specialties Teacher, Postsecondary Master's $111,931.00
Highway Maintenance Worker Moderate-term on-the-job training $32,063.00
Host/Hostess, Restaurant, Lounge, & Coffee Shop Short-term on-the-job training $18,401.00
Hotel, Motel, & Resort Desk Clerk Short-term on-the-job training $19,486.00
Human Resources Assistant, except Payroll & Timekeeping Short-term on-the-job training $36,879.00
Hydrologist Master's $73,659.00
Industrial Engineering Technician Associate's $59,575.00
Industrial Production Manager Bachelor's $108,425.00
Installation, Maintenance, & Repair Worker-Helper Short-term on-the-job training $25,086.00
Insurance Appraiser, Auto Damage Long-term on-the-job training $58,991.00
Insurance Claims & Policy Processing Clerk Moderate-term on-the-job training $34,316.00
Insurance Sales Agent Bachelor's $53,930.00
Insurance Underwriter Bachelor's $67,594.00
Interior Designer Bachelor's $50,060.00
Interpreter & Translator Long-term on-the-job training $46,198.00
Interviewer, except Eligibility & Loan Short-term on-the-job training $31,110.00
Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Worker Postsecondary award $34,134.00
Judge, Magistrate Judge, & Magistrate Bachelor's plus exp $73,943.00
Kindergarten Teacher, except Special Education Bachelor's $49,519.00
Landscape Architect Bachelor's $59,610.00
Landscaping & Groundskeeping Worker Short-term on-the-job training $22,684.00
Law Clerk Bachelor's $41,565.00
Law Teacher, Postsecondary First Professional Degree $82,742.00
Lawyer Doctoral/first professional degree $129,511.00
Legal Secretary Postsecondary award $42,985.00
Legislator Bachelor's plus exp $31,036.00
Librarian Master's $53,941.00
Library Assistant, Clerical Short-term on-the-job training $23,651.00
Library Science Teacher, Postsecondary Doctoral $75,443.00
Library Technician Short-term on-the-job training $27,674.00
Licensed Practical & Licensed Vocational Nurse Postsecondary award $43,118.00
Loan Counselor Bachelor's $34,186.00